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Manufacturer: Mercury Medical


The 2001 Fiberlight & Upsher Fiber Optic Blades both have many benefits including: no internal wiring, water-resistant handles and low maintenance.

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2001 Fiberlight- F/O MacIntosh

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10776071/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O MacIntosh, Size 1, Infant
10776081/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O MacIntosh, Size 2, Child
10776091/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O MacIntosh, Size 3, Medium Adult
10776101/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O MacIntosh, Size 4, Large Adult
10777001/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 0, Left light position, Premature
10777011/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 1, Left light position, Infant
10777021/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 2, Right light position, Child
10777031/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 3, Right light position, Medium Adult
10777041/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 4, Right light position, Large Adult
10777071/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 2, Left light position, Child
10777081/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 3, Left light position, Medium Adult
10777091/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Miller, Size 4, Left light position, Large Adult
10778001/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Phillips, Size 1, Child
10778011/Each2001 Fiberlight- F/O Phillips, Size 2, Adult

Upsher-MacIntosh Blade

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10190101/EachUpsher-MacIntosh Blade, Size 1
10190201/EachUpsher-MacIntosh Blade, Size 2
10190301/EachUpsher-MacIntosh Blade, Size 3
10190401/EachUpsher-MacIntosh Blade, Size 4
10190901/EachUpsher-MacIntosh Blade, Size 3.5
10192201/EachUpsher-Miller Blade, Size 2
10192301/EachUpsher-Miller Blade, Size 3
10192401/EachUpsher-Miller Blade, Size 4
10196101/EachUpsher-ULX™ MacIntosh Blade, Size 1
10196201/EachUpsher-ULX™ MacIntosh Blade, Size 2
10196301/EachUpsher-ULX™ MacIntosh Blade, Size 3
10196401/EachUpsher-ULX™ MacIntosh Blade, Size 4
10197201/EachUpsher-IV MacIntosh Blade, Size 2
10197301/EachUpsher-IV MacIntosh Blade, Size 3
10197401/EachUpsher-IV MacIntosh Blade, Size 4
10292001/EachUpsher-Miller Blade, Size 0
10292101/EachUpsher-Miller Blade, Size 1

Upsher-MacIntosh Blade

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
10180001/EachUpsher Standard Handle
10190801/EachUpsher Replacement Lamp (Black Collar)
10191501/EachUpsher Penlight Handle
10192501/EachUpsher Stubby Handle
10200801/EachUpsher Replacement Lamp (White Collar)
10200851/EachUpsher Replacement Lamp (Blue Collar)

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