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Emergency, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Vortran Medical


The “NEW” GO2VENT® (Gas Operated Ventilator) is the newest version of the VORTRAN Medical single-patient-use, disposable resuscitator. It provides “hands-free” ventilator support via a secure airway using a continuous gas source. The GO2VENT® device can be operated on a compressor, oxygen or air with a minimum of 10 Liters per minute flow rates. Since it does not require the use of electricity or batteries, it is an ideal backup ventilator for the management of difficult situations such as, mass casualties, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, major power outages and is the perfect solution for transportation needs whether in or out of the hospital.

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GO2VENT® (VORTRAN® Automatic Resuscitator) – 10 kgs & above

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64612310/CaseGO2VENT® (50% or 100% FiO2) with VORTRAN®
Manometer & 10′ O2 Tubing. MR Conditional


Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64VM-35001/Box(VAR®-Monitor alarm only) Battery-operated alarm that can be attached to the GO2VENT® to monitor cycling during ventilation

VAR® Surgical Center Kit

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64PCK-50501/CaseKit includes: VAR® Model PCM-5011 (3 ea), Oxygen Regulator (1 ea), Training CD (1 ea), Test Lung (1 ea)

VORTRAN® Manometer (Vertical Connector)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64603120/CaseVORTRAN® Manometer (Vertical Connector)

VORTRAN® Manometer (Tee Connector)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64603020/CaseVORTRAN® Manometer (Tee Connector)

E-Surge Kit™

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64ES-40701/BoxKit includes: GO2VENT® model 6123 (6 ea), VAR®-Monitor (4 ea), Oxygen flowmeter (4 ea), Multi-outlet manifold (1 ea), 20′ Heavy duty oxygen hose
(1 ea), Watertight carrying case (1 ea), HME filters (10 ea)

E-Vent Case™

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
64EV-40601/BoxMulti-outlet manifold (1 ea), 20′ Heavy duty oxygen hose (1 ea), Watertight carrying case (1 ea)
64CV-40651/BoxConversion Kit – Turn your
E-Vent Case into an E-Surge Kit

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