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Anesthesia, Emergency, Neonatal, Respiratory

Manufacturer: Parker Medical

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tubes

The Parker Flex-Tip™ tracheal tube has a flexible, curved, centered, tapered distal tip geometry that is designed to facilitate rapid, easy, non-traumatic intubation.

When this unique, patented tip is advanced into contact with protruding features of the airway (such as the vocal cords and nasal turbinates), it is designed to flex and slide gently past them, instead of getting hung up on them and traumatizing them.

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Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube with Preloaded Stylet

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFST4010/BoxET Tube Parker (4.0 mm)
ITHPFST4510/BoxET Tube Parker (4.5 mm)
ITHPFST5010/BoxET Tube Parker (5.0 mm)
ITHPFST5510/BoxET Tube Parker (5.5 mm)
ITHPFST6010/BoxET Tube Parker (6.0 mm)
ITHPFST6510/BoxET Tube Parker (6.5 mm)
ITHPFST7010/BoxET Tube Parker (7.0 mm)
ITHPFST7510/BoxET Tube Parker (7.5 mm)
ITHPFST8010/BoxET Tube Parker (8.0 mm)
ITHPFST8510/BoxET Tube Parker (8.5 mm)
ITHPFST9010/BoxET Tube Parker (9.0 mm)
ITHPFST9510/BoxET Tube Parker (9.5 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Reinforced, Uncuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFRU305/BoxReinforced, Uncuffed (3.0 mm)
ITHPFRU355/BoxReinforced, Uncuffed (3.5 mm)
ITHPFRU405/BoxReinforced, Uncuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFRU455/BoxReinforced, Uncuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFRU505/BoxReinforced, Uncuffed (5.0 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Preformed, Oral, Uncuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFOU3010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (3.0 mm)
ITHPFOU3510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (3.5 mm)
ITHPFOU4010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFOU4510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFOU5010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFOU5510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFOU6010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFOU6510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFOU7010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (7.0 mm)
ITHPFOU7510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (7.5 mm)
ITHPFOU8010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (8.0 mm)
ITHPFOU8510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (8.5 mm)
ITHPFOU9010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Uncuffed (9.0 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Preformed, Oral, Cuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFOC4010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFOC4510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFOC5010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFOC5510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFOC6010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFOC6510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFOC7010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (7.0 mm)
ITHPFOC7510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (7.5 mm)
ITHPFOC8010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (8.0 mm)
ITHPFOC8510/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (8.5 mm)
ITHPFOC9010/BoxPreformed, Oral, Cuffed (9.0 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Preformed, Nasal, Cuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFNC405/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFNC455/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFNC505/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFNC555/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFNC605/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFNC655/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFNC705/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (7.0 mm)
ITHPFNC755/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (7.5 mm)
ITHPFNC805/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (8.0 mm)
ITHPFNC855/BoxPreformed, Nasal, Cuffed (8.5 mm)
ITHPFNC905/BoxPreformed, Nasal, cuffed (9.0 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Uncuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFUO2510/BoxUncuffed (2.5 mm)
ITHPFUO3010/BoxUncuffed (3.0 mm)
ITHPFUO3510/BoxUncuffed (3.5 mm)
ITHPFUO4010/BoxUncuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFUO4510/BoxUncuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFUO5010/BoxUncuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFUO5510/BoxUncuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFUO6010/BoxUncuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFUO6510/BoxUncuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFUO7010/BoxUncuffed (7.0 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (Low Profile, Cuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFLP4010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFLP4510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFLP5010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFLP5510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFLP6010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFLP6510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFLP7010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (7.0 mm)
ITHPFLP7510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (7.5 mm)
ITHPFLP8010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (8.0 mm)
ITHPFLP8510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (8.5 mm)
ITHPFLP9010/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (9.0 mm)
ITHPFLP9510/BoxLow Profile, Cuffed (9.5 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip™ Tracheal Tube (High Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed)

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFHV4010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (4.0 mm)
ITHPFHV4510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (4.5 mm)
ITHPFHV5010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (5.0 mm)
ITHPFHV5510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (5.5 mm)
ITHPFHV6010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (6.0 mm)
ITHPFHV6510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (6.5 mm)
ITHPFHV7010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (7.0 mm)
ITHPFHV7510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (7.5 mm)
ITHPFHV8010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (8.0 mm)
ITHPFHV8510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (8.5 mm)
ITHPFHV9010/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (9.0 mm)
ITHPFHV9510/BoxHigh Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed (9.5 mm)

Parker Flex-Tip Easy Curve™ Tracheal Tube

Prod. NoUnitPart Name
ITHPFEC5010/BoxParker EasyCurve Endotracheal Tube (size 5.0)
ITHPFEC6010/BoxParker EasyCurve Endotracheal Tube (size 6.0)
ITHPFEC7010/BoxParker EasyCurve Endotracheal Tube (size 7.0)
ITHPFEC8010/BoxParker EasyCurve Endotracheal Tube (size 8.0)

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